Baymed Medical

Baymed is an innovative organization that attaches great importance to R & D work to increase product and production process quality.

We design and manufacture our automatic and digital machine needs that we need. We are conducting many TUBITAK projects by establishing close relations with Universities and Technology parks.

We can do various physical tests and chemical experiments in our laboratory. We also carry our studies to internationally accredited laboratories when necessary.

Baymed intends to be a pioneer in the sector by strengthening its R & D and intellectual property rights, and by anticipating and implementing future technologies within the framework of R & D activities that increase creativity and innovation.

It aims at 100% customer satisfaction in purchasing, using and service phases by creating products with high quality standards through R&D studies realized with experts, designers, engineers and stakeholders in an innovative and scientific staff team, closely observing technological developments in the world and adapting rapidly to developments.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of health care while increasing the safety of patients and healthcare personnel.

- Developments in new products and existing products;

- Concept and Detail By following design phases;

- Products theoretically verified by Engineering Analysis;

- After completion of detailed Laboratory and Field Test Verification works with Prototype and Specimen parts produced in the development phase;

- Project management approach and techniques are used for customer service.

As Baymed, we give great importance to R & D work and innovation and we continue to improve ourselves to ensure that our customers are able to reach with the 100% economical satisfaction, best quality and speed. In this case, we are in the process of establishing an R & D Center in the near future.