Baymed® disposable cardiovascular drapes provide the strength, versatility and efficiency needed for the critical demands of cardiovascular surgery.Baymed® disposable cardiovascular drapes, made with heavy-duty fabric and Advanced Bayteks® Reinforcement fabric for fluid management in fenestrations, may eliminate the need for costly drape layering. Baymed® disposable drapes for cardiovascular surgery offer effective fluid control for a dry working area. Our range includes single drapes and sets developed for cardiothoracic surgery, including heart valve replacements, pacemaker surgery, thoracotomy and coronary artery bypass grafting. Our drapes save time and support easy working. The all-in-one drapes are quick and convenient for one person to drape – and include transparent instrument pouches for efficient instrument management. • Apertures with integrated incise film in different sizes to meet different draping needs • Integrated fluid collection and instrument pouches for effective fluid and instrument management • Impermeable material to prevent strikethrough and help protect against infection • Folded and packaged for easy, aseptic application by one person

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  • Cardiovascular Drape
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