Baymed Medical

Baymed is a researching organization that moves with the slogan of "human health first".

Baymed has built its corporate culture on the understanding of customer and employee's happiness ,basis in sterile product production processes and creates sustainable added value.

Our Mission

Baymed was established to meet the needs of the sector, to produce high quality and best fitted products with innovative approaches, to contribute to customer satisfaction, safety and protection of human health.

Our Vision

Leader in the sector with sustainable R & D activities, example of customer - employee satisfaction and social responsibility, Baymed envisages to be a well recognized brand in the International Market.

Our Values

To ensure a sustainable growth with our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders ;

- Customer Focus
- 100% Customer Satisfaction
- Transparency and Responsibility
- Legal Compliance
- Environmental awareness
- Fair Distribution
- Sustainability

Our Strategy

Our most important strategy is based on human resources:

- To hire the best human value in the sector, to provide and maintain development,
- To invest in technology and automation,
- To allocate a significant part of our budget to R & D and Innovation studies,
- Keeping all the processes of the company under control with the ERP system,
- To target zero error with lean organization and lean production,
- To ensure that our mark penetrates every country on the globe,
- Achieve excellence with feedback and satisfaction surveys,
- Achieve sustainable growth and succeed in the production of strategic products.