Baymed® disposable drapes for gynaecological and urological surgery support patient safety with effective and efficient infection control. Made from a impermeable material, Baymed® disposable drapes help to prevent microbial transfer. Where necessary, our drapes have integrated fluid collection pouches and high absorbency for a dry working area. We offer wide range of procedure-specific drapes, ensuring that draping is as quick and easy as possible to save time for OR efficiency. • Wide range of drapes and sets with different features to meet different needs • Leggings may be integrated, separate or extra-large with transparent sides for visibility • Integrated collection pouches and absorbent working area manage fluid where needed • All-in-one solutions are easy to drape for one person Baymed® procedure-specific drapes for C-section have an integrated fluid collection pouch which helps manage fluids. They are designed to enable operating room efficiency. The drapes include integrated tube holders to help you organise your working area and they are easy for one person to drape.

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  • Percutaneous Drape
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